descriptionPings a set of hosts, executing per-host, user-defined commands whenever a host begins or ceases to respond.
ownerAaron Taylor
last changeMon, 7 Oct 2019 12:19:02 +0000 (05:19 -0700)
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorTracking return value of system(). master origin/HEAD origin/master
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorTested on OpenBSD 6.5.
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorUpdated main() with a few comments to illustrate high...
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorRemoved gcd().
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorUpdated some #defines and global variables, clearer...
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorUpdated function that parses config file.
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorRewrote the function that lists for responses to pings.
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorUpdated function that reads received ICMP packets.
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorRewrote pinger() function.
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorUpdated timeval_diff() to calculate a full difference.
2019-10-07 Aaron TaylorAdded wishlist at top of source code.
2019-10-05 Aaron TaylorRemoved outdated manpage source.
2019-10-05 Aaron TaylorComplete rewrite of README.
2019-10-05 Aaron TaylorAdded filetype extensions to README and LICENSE for...
2019-10-05 Aaron TaylorUpdated config file with examples suitable for public...
2019-10-05 Aaron TaylorMinor changes to Makefile. (add 'install' hook, clean...
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